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The Bi-Quarterly Women's Social Club - Episode #74: I, Pad

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The Bi-Quarterly Women’s Social Club Presents:

Episode #74: I, Pad

Play by Play:

- Chris is disheartened / Pad’s cock-pic fallout

- ‘Granny Shirley’ is ‘Granny Anni’ of Howard Stern fame

- Pad returns to talk about his “free pad” program + takes some calls from fans.

- Technical issues force the show to go off air / Susan Powter wants you to eat a pear

- Fred Schneider’s Facebook status updates

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Dear fans - my apologies for this extra long wait for the recorded release of last Saturday’s episode. I thought for sure I would be at a place where I could at least have started editing by now but unfortunately my Mac problems persist. 

I haven’t had this many issues since running a Windows laptop and I’m pretty disgusted at how poorly this new OS runs and what it did to my otherwise pristine computer. Our new equipment had all but solved the issues we used to experience in the early days of the show but it looks like OSX Mavericks has swooped in to pick up the slack.

I anticipate being able to release EPISODE #74 Saturday/Sunday but will NOT be doing a live show this weekend. Having said that, expect an impromptu live show (not necessarily for recorded release) in the coming days to make sure our issues have been rectified once and for all.

Finally, to the 2 people that actually hung in and read this all the way through let me say: “Kathy Bates’ big, stinky, Schwartz’s deli smoked meat vagina” - cheers!

Chris “Walter” Wilding

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Link: The Bi-Quarterly Women’s Social Club - Episode #73: OH GOD PHIL!

The Saturday live episode release will likely be delayed by a few days. Anyone who listened (or listens) live knows we’ve had some really bad tech issues lately. They appear to have been resolved but it will involve a total reinstallation and erasing of my hard drive… this will take some time to get us back on our feet. 

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, PLEASE checkout last week’s episode. It was fantastic, featuring Dr. Phil guest “Boomer the Dog” and an epic convo/prank featuring a 17 year old “Demon Hunter.” Great place to pick up if you haven’t listened in a while. 

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Would love people to send in more questions for Mistress Sue - these videos are generally very well received and can MAKE YOU FAMOUS.


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In the grand scheme of things I don’t get into many fights online but holy shit when I do, I deal with the most fragile and damaged individuals the internet can muster.

This dude is still making posts on his Facebook wall because over 2 WEEKS AGO I replied to one of Jesse PS status updates saying people who are grown, don’t have children and are still into the muppets are very troubled.

True to form this muppet fan proved to be every bit as “troubled” an individual as one could possibly fathom and we got into a heated debate on Jesse’s wall that lasted the better part of the afternoon. After picking the fight up again a WEEK LATER by posting a whole, rambling article on why Muppets aren’t just for kids (WHO GIVES A FUCK???) on his wall and tagging Jesse in it, he then blocks me and posts THIS yesterday… I’ve also attached screen caps of replies from his friends who now want to MURDER ME OR SEE ME DEAD.


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The dreaded iTunes glitch revealed… so desperate I made a video.


If anyone can recreate this PLEASE TRY. Really needing Apple to be made aware of this and fix it.

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