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WE ARE LIVE TONIGHT AT 8 PM EST over at www.bqwsc.com/live - I am so beyond excited to welcome our very special guest KIM TWISTER. If you haven’t seen Kim’s powerful video below where she defends friend of the show and Socialite “Boomer the Dog” PLEASE WATCH IT! **ALSO** I present my recently single co-host with a very special gift. 8 PM EST, TONIGHT! www.bqwsc.com/liv

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With everyone’s favourite Socialite Pad (the man who wants to transform into and be used as a woman’s menstrual pad) announcing he will soon be going into video game design - Chris imagines what a Pad video game would be like.

AS FEATURED ON Episode #82: 2 Years From 40 - STREAM/DOWNLOAD:


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COMING TO NETFLIX THIS FALL - IT’S “3 HOT PEOPLE AND STICKY HOOVES.” Nothing’s hotter than fun under the Swedish sun unless you’re Sticky Hooves! Watch as Sticky Hooves acts as if he has rapport with three hot people who likely have hot people sexy orgies while he reads fanfic in a corner awkwardly and pretends he finds it all funny. “HEY DUDES, ORGY MUCH? A GUY’S TRYIN’ TA SLEEP OVER HERE!” - LOOK FOR IT THIS FALL ON NETFLIX.

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Friend of the show Steph made this gorgeous collage. Is there anywhere online you can make your own wallpaper?

Get the relevant YoTube clip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz3esk4UuBo

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Chris Wilding interviews “Footsy”, foot fetishist and founder of the demonfighter4 YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/demonfighter4)

As featured on Episode #83: 2 Years From 40



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