NSFW videos, funny clips, dirty jokes, weird stuff, nasty gals - it's the funniest free podcast around and your soon-to-be guilty pleasure... live from beautiful Montreal - it's The Bi-Quarterly Women's Social Club!

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Wow. Currently #38 on the Canadian comedy charts on iTunes. Ratings/reviews/subs will totally put this over the top Canada - help us out!

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Doing something very different and tremendously funny tonight - even if you’re not a fan of me or the show tonight may be one you want to tune into. www.bqwsc.com/live - 8 PM EST.


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If you’re not familiar with my character of Hélène here’s the best introduction I can give you and probably the best prank call I’ve ever done:


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Just realized LOLpervs nominated me for ice bucket challenge. I’m sorry I will have to decline, I’m very pro-ALS and don’t agree with stopping it. 

(Also, nice tits.)

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Evenin’ Canada - we’re on the from page of the iTunes podcast section in Canada… tell a friend.

If you’re a Canadian (yanks welcome too of course) why not subscribe to us/leave a review on iTunes? www.bqwsc.com/itunes

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