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Not looking to spam or over-promote but I think this 100th Episode Spectacular is truly one of our more special offerings. I can’t describe what this is (especially if you aren’t an avid BQWSC listener) beyond imagine if an old, miserable French woman had her own horrifically sad and poorly produced BlogTalk show. It also features a follow-up to the below prank call that is positively sad and excruciatingly hilarious.

Even if you don’t like me or the show - give this episode a chance to charm you. AND PLEASE, PLEASE SHARE!

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The Clown’s Wife - 1st encounter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNt4wlfiCHo

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Ladies and gentleman, Socialites - there is no more Pad. There is only Breanna. Welcome her to the Socialite family.

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The 100th episode of my podcast is so dark cops in Missouri are already shooting at it. www.bqwsc.com/tagged/episodes #BQWSC #Podcast #iTunes #Montreal #Top100

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The Bi-Quarterly Women's Social Club - 100th Episode (On the Feed) Spectacular - The Hélène Show

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The Bi-Quarterly Women’s Social Club Presents

100th Episode (On the Feed) Spectacular! - The Hélène Show

Play by Play:

- Hélène’s “two young boy” update

- BIT: Top 10
- Hélène prank calls a Russian restaurant

- Reconciling with the Clown’s Wife

- Hélène’s favourite things

- Interview with a financial advisor / motivational speaker

- Hélène calls Hélène

- The Hamster Dance

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Wow. Currently #38 on the Canadian comedy charts on iTunes. Ratings/reviews/subs will totally put this over the top Canada - help us out!

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Doing something very different and tremendously funny tonight - even if you’re not a fan of me or the show tonight may be one you want to tune into. www.bqwsc.com/live - 8 PM EST.


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