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If you get notifications we are LIVE today - please disregard them. I’m trying to fix some longstanding sound issues with the live feed. Cheers.

What a great turn out tonight in the chat room - we even had the legendary grandma banger The Cougar Champion with us… which lead to this colourful exchange (he’s Kylee Jones, probably cause he misspelled his name) between him and one of our loyal listeners! Insane show tonight, thanks guys!

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Link: PRE-SHOW ON NOW! SHOW AT 8 PM EST! Come chat!!!

Pre-Show is on now! Come chat and be sure you tune in live to see/hear Elmo’s exclusive message to Quebecoise porn titan Zoé Zebra! I’ll be posting an exclusive link in the chat room + BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

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Well, it’s official. This is the funniest thing we’ve ever done. 

HEAR ELMO’S MESSAGE FOR PORN STAR ZOÉ ZEBRA TONIGHT AT 8 PM EST www.bqwsc.com/live - pre show starts at 7 PM, come chat!

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Well slap me around and call me Anna-Bella, we remain in the top #50 Canadian comedy podcasts now almost 4 weeks in to our front page feature. What a run - thank you Social Clubbers everywhere. 

**Big announcement (hopefully) coming soon.**

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Host of the BQWSC Chris Wilding interviews local, news making porn star Zoé Zebra who recently allowed 25 random men to shoot loads on her (after paying a 15$ entrance fee) in an effort to pay for a boob job. Dickstarter anyone?

AS HEARD ON Episode #88: Big BooBoos - STREAM/DOWNLOAD: http://bqwsc.com/post/97394052374/please-take-the-time-to-review-rate-us-the

SoundCloud The BQWSC Podcast porn interview zoe zebra gang bang

As requested by a fan from Arizona here is the full Dylan Hastings/Night Danger song “Peel Slowly and See” aka Slutty Girls.

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